Very happy with Santa Clara County’s brave public health officials

Re: “Smith, Cody are unelected, and abusing their powers” (Letter to the editor,, June 1):

This letter-writer seems to not understand our system of government. As a rule, we do not elect our police officers, military leaders or public health officials. These highly trained people are appointed by our duly elected representatives.

If the letter-writer is unhappy, she should vote against the county supervisors who appointed and supported them. I for one am extremely happy we have such talented and brave public health officials in the Bay Area.

Talented because they had the knowledge of what was going to happen and brave because they had the courage and vision to be the first in the country to act and provide an example for the rest of the nation. Of course there will be disagreements about the pace of reopening. But I am putting my faith in most highly trained people. Haircuts and retail shopping can wait a few more weeks!

Kevin McKee
Mountain View


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